Personal Statement

A friend told me about Cafe Mom so I decided to try it out:) I'm a 30 year old stay at home mom with three boys.. 10,6 and 4. I am here to make new friends with whom to share "mom stuff" with. I am an artist and I mostly sketch or use oil pastels. I have also been working for months now on starting my own business selling handmade cards called "Expressions By Leslie"... I can be found on Facebook. I have a fairly decent product and now I just need to gain some momentum with advertising via word of mouth. It's a slow going process. Any and all support I could get would be greatly appreciated. Even just likes or shares on FB helps to get my page passed around. I always appreciate feedback as well. My other hobbies include reading, music, crafting, being outdoors or just racing with friends. The times when I'm the happiest is any time my family is together. I love The Lord with all my heart and I try to show his love and kindness to others as much as I can. Most of the time I have a very positive outlook on life. Let's be friends:)

My Kids
  • Boy
    Parker 9 years old
  • Boy
    Broderick 11 years old
  • Boy
    Caleb 16 years old