Personal Statement

Hi Everyone!how are you Well lets start with I am 35 years old and married to a great love I have a 2 year old son Tommytoddler boy. He is my whole world. I can not imagine life with out him. I am a stay at home mom and I love to read ( when I can!)reading I love to cook, I am glued to the Food Networkapron and love anything paranormal.. I have a great family and love spending time with them every chance I get. I am very close to my mom and sisterwe rock. They are  my 2 best friends. I love animals, I have 2 black cats named Boo-Boo and Dudecat. I also had a beautiful Yellow Lab named Katie.puppy She was almost  12 years old and I miss her dearly. We lost her to cancer in May of 2010.  I also have a tank full of tropical fish. I enjoy taking picturesshooting photo and scrapbookingscrapbooking. I also love to spend time in our yardbutterfly on head and work in my gardengardening.  That's about it. Kinda boring. But I love my life.dancing

My Kids
  • Tommy
    Tommy 10 years old