Personal Statement

I'm a proud young mother to a beautiful Little Prince by the Name of 'Jayden' God has truly blessed me with a gift that not many woman have & I've been gifted by this blessing. I'm thankful everyday for my baby boy. He means the world to me & i mean the world to Him, So much I've learned & so much I got yet to learn! Becoming a mother must be the ultimate most beautiful experience ever(: Is it easy? [NO] but is a pleasure! There is no greater love than the one your child can give you. & there's no such magical moment than looking into his eyes & seeing my son smile. Nobody can break me because i stand strong for Him! Nobody can make me shed a tear, I cry only for Him! Nobody can make me happier & take the best of me but [My Little Prince]. Each & every day I learn something new about my family & I learn each moment to become a better & the best mom i can ever be. I put my Family above anything & everybody. They blind me. My heart belongs to them. I found my happiness on Oct 8th 2008 

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My Kids
  • Jayden
    Jayden 8 years old