Personal Statement

Well, there is not much to tell about this ole girl.  I am a christian woman, I love doing bible studies, and going to church.  I also enjoy meeting new people and spending time with my family.  I love to cook and must say I do a great job of it although I hate to cook under demand. Meaning when hubby comes home and demands something be on the table.  Oh no, then it is usually a sandwich.  I enjoy cooking like when my sons are coming or on holidays when I can showcase talent.  You know what I mean. sarcasm

I am a woman so I love to shop and I know I am not alone in this but I love Wal-Mart. I know I am not alone because it is always busy and packed with all of you too. Sealed  I am in college, I have one semester to go and I will have my degree and so I am excited about that.

Now besides all of that, if you really want to know more about me then  you must send me a message and let me tell you what you want to know because I am just the world's worst when it come to talking about ones self.

My Kids
  • Jeramy
  • Donnell
  • Bill