Personal Statement

“Personal Development Adviser, Life Coach, Philosopher, Mentor, Transformational Leader, Life Planner, Psychologist, Visionary, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Coach, Mediator, Law of Attraction Scholar, Consultant, Author, Counselor, Spiritual Messenger, Emotional Supporter, Empowerment Advocate, Clairvoyant, Entrepreneur, Shrink, Friend and slightly psychic”

I have been called all of these things and more, but I am simply a Confidant, a Life Consultant.

My name is LaVonne. I am someone you can talk to, I will treats you as friend, I am discreet, I will hear what you have to say however I will tell you my honest opinion and give advice about your or “your friends” situation, by using what some consider my "psychic abilities". I have counseled many professionally and informally over the last few decades. I am a spiritual person. I personally feel that my abilities are a gift to be used as a tool for helping people in their lives. I am a sounding board, if you will, through which you and I may work together so that I can be of service in helping to heal and assist you. I am very much into Empowering people, Women especially. My heartfelt desire is to Empower Women. To get them to know and understand just how Beautiful, Unique and Absolutely Phenomenal Each and Every One of them really are. Well, at least, Every One I’m able to come in contact with.


Mildred C. said:

Since I have been talking to you, things are much better now. Everything you talk about is confirmed by fact and sincerity. I have to admit that I'm very appreciative for all the help you have given me.

Tiffany W. said:

I find I have much more self confidence and am not willing to put up with any (LaVonne CENSORED this). In fact, I found myself not arguing any more, and if things get out of hand I don't put up with it. I'll leave the room or just laugh it off. Thank you so very much.

Glenna S. said:

Thank you for your kind words and for helping me set standards for my life. I really do appreciate you being there and offering the help.

Bela C. said:

Right on the money.

We can work together and AWAKEN THE POWER WITHIN YOU, to gain what you want in your life!


School: The University of Life

Major: Life Long Scholar

Starting Year: 1958

End Year: When I take my final breath in this physical life

Peace and Blessings to You and Yours

My Kids
  • Boy
    Tony 35 years old