Personal Statement

Hello and Welcome!!!  My name is Kristie DeGraw. I am a mom of two beautiful children.  Brittani is thirteen and Landon is ten.  They are my life and my everything:)  I have been blessed with the opportunity to be able earn a full time income working from home with AmeriPlan.  I've been with AmeriPlan since 2006 and I'm a Senior Regional Vice President.  I've worked very hard to DESIGN this beautiful life for my kids and I.  And it has been so incredibly worth it!

My life is very relaxing and easy going now but it hasn't always been like that.  When I first started AmeriPlan in May 2006, my life was very different.  I was going through a divorce and my whole life turned upside down, we had to move out of our beautiful home, the kids switched schools and I had to get a full time job outside of the house and spend about three hours a day sitting in traffic.  I had become a part of the stressed out rat race and I couldn't stand it.  And while that was a very hard transition for us, I never let it get me down because I KNEW that it was only temporary because I was a part of a company that was going to change our lives.  I knew that I had my hands on something great and I never doubted it for a second.  I worked my business hard and consistently like I was trained to do and I ended up firing my boss and coming home to my kids.  It was my goal to only be at my job for 12 months.....I missed that goal, but I ended up firing my boss at 14 months and my last day in that cell block, also known as a cubicle was on good Friday last year.  And it was a GREAT friday!!!  So, I've been home just working AmeriPlan since 2008 and it's been incredible.  My ex-stressful life seems like a lifetime ago.  But I still have a lot of work to do.  I'm on a mission to help many others reach this same success and beyond.  And I'm really looking forward to sharing how I've reached this success with MANY others!!

For anyone out there working toward a similar goal, you can totally do this!!!! Believe in yourself and work your butt off!!  Fight to get your life back!  Fight for the life that you and your family deserve!!!  The end result is soooo worth it!!!!  AmeriPlan absolutely Delivers on its Promise!  I am living proof. How many moms do you know that can be home full time with their kids AND make a full time income?? This is a dream come true!!!! Thank you AmeriPlan!!!!

My Kids
  • Landon
    Landon 14 years old
  • Brittani
    Brittani 17 years old