Personal Statement

Hubby and I live with our two daughters, SILs, now 24 and 25, three fabulous grandsons, now 4, 5, 7, and three fabulous granddaughters, now 14, 15, and 16, in a large home recently purchased by our daughters and SILs that was built in 1960  by a couple with ten children. It has 13 bedrooms. and 9 bedrooms spread out on the second floor above the first floor living area and 5 car garage. We are a three generation household like the Obama's. It works for us and we hope it continues, but that is a decision that the young couples will make separately or collectively and hubby and I must always allow them to make those choices. 

Hubby and I met "the guys" when they came to pick our daughters up for a junior high Halloween dance when the older couple was in "regular" 8th grade classes and the younger coupe was in 7th grade "gifted and talented" classes. The guys are about a month younger than our daughters and have been best pals since the 11 year old moved into the neighborhood of the 10 year old. Our daughters have been best friends since their crib days.

Youngest couple tested out and over 8th grade to join the oldest couple in "regular" 9th grade classes, where together the four hopscotched through enough high school classes the summer before 9th grade and during 9th grade to qualify for taking lots of "dual enrollment classes" at community college and then local state university during the last three years of high school that counted towards both high school graduation and local state university graduation the May following their June high school graduation..

The couples married with the attendance and blessing of all six parents in a double destination wedding on a beach in Hawaii on spring break of their senior year of high school eight years ago.  They have sense graduated from local state university and local state law school, passed the bar exam in 2015, and became staff attorneys at a law firm (the guys full time and the gals part time under them as they take care of the toddlers).

These teen marriages look really good at eight years, but the final verdict is several decades away from being in. And yes, all six parents of the two young couples do worry about those out years.  As we all know, worry is a big part of being a parent.

My Kids