Personal Statement

My life is about acheiving balance , as well as finding and spreading joy.  Life is too short to waste on negativity, hate, intolerance and anger.

Ther is no place in life for shame, regret or guilt. We all make mistakes - learn from them and move on.

 My biggest challenge is being judgmental.  I work to shift from judgement to observation. Judgment is about beliving what someone else is doing differntly than you makes you better, observation is about seeing how others live differently and saying "I'm ok with that." It is the job of the powers that be (judicial and spiritual) to punish someone not me.

 I know kinda deep - but life is about living and loving. Being fun and compassionate. Now one ever felt better hanging onto a negative emotion. 

Like Lenny Kravitz Says: "It's time for a love revolution."

My Kids
  • Samuel
    Samuel 9 years old
  • Collin
    Collin 12 years old