Personal Statement

My name is Kourtne and I'm 19 yrs old with a handsome baby boy. He was my only child, he was born December 19, 2007. But mow I am pregnant again with a girl due Jan 4th, 2011, I live in Philadelphia, PA...I have been living in Phila my whole life and I sometimes plan on living here forever. My baby father and I are very happy to have our little boy with us. We were both scared about having him first but when he came we were both very excited to have him. We were together for a year and a half, but have known each other for 4 years. I love making new friends and having fun, and going places, I like to try and help people out with their problems as much as I can, I don't know everything but I like to help others and I would like it if others would like to help me. I don't like when people have something smart to say about me and don't say it to me, I would like that person to come to me and say what ever it is that they have to say about me to me. But if they can't do that then if you don't have something nice to say to or about me then don't talk to me at all. And if you would like to be friends with me then send me an invite.

My Kids
  • Madison Sophia Cartair
    Madison... 7 years old
  • Emanual Amir Cartair
    Emanual... 10 years old