Personal Statement

10 Things I love...

1. My little family. My husband and two sons are my reason for life.

2. Yoga. It makes me feel peaceful.

3. Sunday mornings. There is nothing better than lounging around with a cup of coffee.

4. The water. I can imagine a more perfect day than being at the beach with a cool breeze and cap it off with seafood and a glass of wine.

5. Wine. It's like velvet in my mouth.

6. Reading. As Stephen King says, " I love it when someone has spun a good yarn."

7. Writing. I do it for a living and wish I had more time to do it for entertainment.

8. Good pasta with marinara sauce. Enough said.

9. Spending time with friends.

10. I love the holidays...too much good food and the opportunity to catch up with people you love.


My Kids
  • Liam
    Liam 6 years old
  • Paul
    Paul 13 years old