Personal Statement

I am a full time student at CSN, pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts.

I'm married to my Job Corps sweetheart, and I feel so lucky to have such a blessed relationship!

I was in the Navy for 11 years, stationed in Italy for 6 years. I was into the Goth scene a few years back, and although I'm pretty much over that phase of my life, I still enjoy going to pagan meetings and having fantasy decor in my home. I am a Gemini and proud! I am pro-life. I believe in god, but not religion. I am fond of exotic foods, and love to tool around in the kitchen. I'm mostly a homebody,but I love to travel. I like going to the beach, and love the mountains in the crisp, dewey mornings. I want to move to Colorado because I love all 4 seasons, even blizzard weather! I am an honest, open person and rarely get offended, so ask me anything!

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My Kids
  • Expecting a Boy
    Damien I'm Pregnant!
  • Boy
    Xavier 9 years old