Personal Statement

fingers crossed

I am a working mom of 2 little boys that is honestly sick and tired of working my life away when I could be spending it with my 2 favorite little boys. I recently started working as a consultant for Ambit Energy and am hoping that over time I can move to this full time and leave my current position. Nothing means more to me then QT with my kids, they grow up so fast and I am missing so much. So, with that said, if anyone else is interested in becoming a consultant or saving on your energy bill let me know and I will see what I can help you with. I also manage a hip hop artist/ producer who just so happens to be my boyfriend. He also works at an apartment complex, is in the reserves and goes to college. Feel free to check him out at

I love nice breezy days, lily's, all things shiny and sparkly, unicorns, boating, roller skating, movies bore me, I fall asleep, I'm not too book smart but I have the common sense down to the T! I don't like medication and I have a hard time believing that our children these days have ADD or ADHD. I personally feel as if that's called "Being a child", but I'm not a Dr.

I'm a smart ass but will have your back till the day I die. I am a true friend and will never lie to you. I talk to myself but I'm not crazy.. LOL My kids come before anyone and anything, I believe they are a true gift from GOD. I'm not too religious but I believe in GOD. I don't too much believe the govt. I'm kinda a nut case about conspiracy theories and I do believe in the "New world order".

My life is far from perfect, I moved here to Texas with my boyfriend from Maryland to get away and start over. We have 2 beautiful kids (one from a previous relationship) and we have been together 5 long years. At the end of the day all I want is happiness and love and as long as me and my kids and family are happy and healthy I'm GOOD! :)

My Kids
  • Avaun
    Avaun 9 years old
  • Jordan
    Jordan 12 years old