Personal Statement

Happily ♥ married for 26 years, mom of three... 

I'm a designer who owns her own business and a stay-at-home mom who runs the kid's, home-schools, does the shopping, cooks dinner, maintains the house, cleans the laundry and still, somehow finds time for a quick working out & a little Yoga. Whew! lol

Not a big fan of things like clubs, bars and nightlife stuff. I'm more into cooking-out, swimming, tanning, luv the beach, jogging, mini golf, ice cream, an outdoor movie in the summer, relaxing with good friends, a bottle of wine, some wholesome music..now that's more my style!   Oh, and I absolutely adore my true friends... ♥

My Kids
  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 years old
  • Camron
    Camron 5 years old
  • Aaron
    Aaron 13 years old
  • Drew
    Drew 20 years old
  • Justin
    Justin 25 years old
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