Personal Statement

I'm a wife of 28 wonderful years, a mother of three and a grandmother of three. I'm also a professional designer and a veteran of the United States Navy. My daily life is all about running errands, homeschooling, shopping, cooking, cleaning and finding time for working out & Yoga :)  ...However, I've traveled throughout United States ...and I've been to over a dozen different countries.

Yes I'm from Pittsburgh but no, I don't like football. However, my family and I faithfully follow the Penguins and the NHL. I'm also not a big fan of things like clubs or bars. I'd much rather be camping, swimming, at the beach, power walking, spending time at the park... or simply relaxing with good friends. Accompanied of course by a nice bottle of wine & music. :)  That's my kind of enjoyment!


My Kids
  • Paisley
    Paisley 4 years old
  • Hunter
    Hunter 6 years old
  • Camron
    Camron 9 years old
  • Aaron
    Aaron 17 years old
  • Drew
    Drew 24 years old
  • Justin
    Justin 29 years old
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