Personal Statement

I'm a comic book nerd, I love sci-fi and horror, I'm a classic traditional rebel. Honestly, I jsut dance to the beat of my own drum, sometimes it's in time with the rest of the workd, other times it's slightly off beat and a little loud. I'm proud of my children and grow more and more so everyday. My oldest is a constant reader and such a tom-boy. My second, is all glitter and showtunes, she's a cheerleader for her team and cheers even forthe opposing team. Sha had such a tender heart, and a goal of being on broadway someday. My third, another girl, is headstrong, stubborn, and I'm certain will someday ru nthe world or a high powered office. My youngest, a boy, is the sweetest, little crooner to ever live. He sings to mommy all the time and always leaves me with a kiss.  

My Kids
  • 5 years old
  • 8 years old
  • 10 years old
  • 13 years old
  • 14 years old
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