Personal Statement

stick out tongue miniHello

I just moved here with my husband and 3 month old son...I am looking to make friends for me and my son...and possibly my husband... :")

I am a young mom that is mature for her age..so it doesnt really matter how old anyone is..I like to hang out or get dressed up...I am just looking for someone to spend the days with since I am a stay at home mom for now...I am looking for a job and a good daycare so if anyone has any suggestions I am open to them....

I go to college at Lone Star here in Tomball...oh I guess I should mention also that my hubby is a wee bit older than I am...well about 12 years older than I am...but I dont care about the age difference ...we get along so well and I love him so much...

I'll add more later but right now my son is crying for me....

My Kids
  • Jacob
    Jacob 9 years old