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Hello, my name is Shawna i am a SAHM of four kids, 3 girls, 5, 11 and 14 and a 9 yr old boy. I live in Alberta Canada. I have been with my SO for 13 years now. i love Horror movies, vampire movies, and zombie movies, Spider man is my hero, lol. I love heavy metal and 80s rock. I love video games. I listen to classical music to help me write poetry, i collect recipies. Yes, i also like Icp too, hehe ;o). I am 34. I also love making siggies, i have been designing ffor4 yrs now, and i love to play the games on facebook, lol. Anything else you wanna know, just ask. I am an athiest. I like goth too, but no am not evil. LOL. 

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