Personal Statement

  I love to hang out with my family and do family things together,  I love the outdoors where we can go camping, Geocaching, hiking & riding my motorcycle.  I'm a crafty person I love any kind of craft, but I do scrapbooking the most and one of these days I would like to learn how to Knit!  I recently changed jobs where I'm more happier & I have every weekend off & most of the holidays off too!  I try to each week take time to spend time with my kids. I have more time to spend with my hubby  he also just changed jobs but he still works at the same company but different days & shift.  And last but not least I set aside some me time that I believe is essential for all moms to do even if its a couple of hrs you need some time away for yourself to fulfill the  passion for scrapbooking my Family's memories. My Family is Everything!!  A Day Without Scrapbooking is a Day Without Memories!!

My Kids
  • Girl
    Sy 11 years old
  • Girl
    Chy 20 years old
  • Boy
    matt 22 years old