Personal Statement


I've started this about 23 times, and that's about as many former lives as I've had (Air Force brat, actress, stand-up comedienne, Saks Fifth Avenue perfume chick, editor on Wall Street, you get the idea). Constants throughout those lives (yes, that is a literal and a Lost reference):  jazz, TV and McD's French fries.

Now, I'm a writer, mom and wife. Besides blogging here at CafeMom, I write about cool things for MommyPoppins.com and New York Family magazine, and I'm working oh-so-slowly on a book (don't ask me what it's about -- I don't know yet).

On my to-do list: Learning how to cook without using the microwave, fixing my sagging triceps and finding the best apps for my iPhone.

Check out my website/blog at www.heatherchaet.com and follow me on Twitter @heatherchaet! 

My Kids
  • Girl
    Kiddo 10 years old