Personal Statement

I'm Jenna. 34, mom of many and married to The Man. 

I like to do a lot of things, like read and crochet. I'm definitely a home body, preferring to curl up on the couch with a good book and cuppa than pretty much almost anything else. I like board games and card games, and have passed that love of books and board games on to my various offspring. 

I have hundreds of books. I read mostly fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, fiction, historical fiction, horror, psychological suspense, with the occasional chick-lit thrown in there for good measure. In other words, I read strictly for pleasure. 

I like to cook. I'm not, like, super awesome wonderful at it, but I'm not a bad hand, either. I enjoy baking, but find that it's more like science and exact than cooking is, and I have a hard time conforming to the recipes. 

I also hate being told what to do. The surest way to get my goat up is to boss me around. Many have tried, most have failed, to get me to participate in their program. Not that I'm rebellious, or even that original, I just really don't like being told what to do!

I'm a good mom and good wife, and I love being those two things more than anything else, but that's not the sum total of what I am. I was me before I became either of those things, and I make sure to make time to cater to my needs and wants, too. I think that anyone who answers to the call of mother needs to take care of herself as much as she cares for those in her family. Because without us...? The whole thing would fall down! 

I like music, but I'm pretty eclectic in my tastes. From classical to Elvis to Metallica to Enigma to P!nk, I'm kinda all over the place. Not much of a country music type, but more for lack of really knowing much about it than anything else. Definitely not into death metal or anything like that, though. And jazz...? Not so much. 

Oh, yeah, and I'm a practicing witch. But don't let that scare you off, I'm not all New Agey and what-all about it; in fact, I think I might be the most practical witch you'll ever meet, seriously. Not that I hold it against anyone whose dreamy and wispy and airy... that's just not how I go about it. In short, while I have faith, a general rule of mine is that until I experience it for myself, I remain a skeptic. Just sayin....

And that's some of what makes me tick. You can ask me anything, or not, as you choose :)