Personal Statement

I am a full-time step-mom and a new bio-mom.

I love my daughter through and through and while I may be a "step" mom I'm just Mommy. We like to go shopping and pick on Daddy. We love all things girlie: manis and pedis, playing with our hair, make-up, dressing up, princess movies, ballet dancing, crazy dancing and singing as loud as we can, and decorating our clothes. We are very close. We recently moved 1000 miles away from "home" and her bio-mom but her mother and I are growing closer and we talk often.

My son is growin glike a weed, I'm soooo blessed to have him. I love watching all the new things he discovers everyday and I am so happy to finally have a night owl child like me who sleeps in! Its a new adventure and I definiltey enjoying having every moment with him.

I am also a ballet teacher. I went back to teaching just before giving birth and have been back since 2 weeks post partum. I am so happy being back in a studio again. I have missed dance the last few years and i wish there was a better word than "happy" to explain how fulfilled and satisfied i am to be dancing again.

My Kids
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