Personal Statement

I love HALLOWEEN. I am a WWII reenactor my husband and I own a mobile  WWII museum. I can't stand narrow minded people.  I find the Medieval and Renaissance periods most fascinating. I am a rabid Planner girl and also love scrapbooking. My best friend lives in SC. My favorite color is orange. I am in the SCA (www.sca.org), I love Rocky Horror. I grew up in Fanwood NJ & in Aspen, Colorado. I LOVE music. I am a movie buff, preferably OLD movies. I hate gory movies and 'hack 'em up' movies but love the old vintage horror films and recent ones that are done tactfully. I love to travel. I want to go back to Scotland one day or maybe even retire there. I love to read but I'm very picky about the books that I do read. I hate tomatoes, they are evil and nasty. I love the Mall and shopping. I love The Cruxshadows. Do you know the word, "Strega"?  My favourite season is Fall. There's nothing hotter than a guy in uniform. I love the Maroon Bells in Aspen, Colorado. It's my thinking spot and probably my favourite place in the world. I have a gorgeous white cat named, Rabbi-Kitty. He was born with a grey 'cap' so my friend named him Rabbi-Kitty. I have a scottish fold cat named Doctor Coconut and he's popular on instagram @Doctor_Coconut. I have 2 dogs, 1 chinchilla, 1 turtle and an assortment of fresh water fish.
I love orchids but can't seem to keep them alive. Being startled REALLY pisses me off so those "jump out and BOO" movies are NOT for me. I love all genres of music, especially dark-gothic and big band 30's and 40's. Yeah totally different sounds but hey, it's what I like. I am a swing kid ( dancer).  I love make -up. I am a LV purse snob. My favorite breed of dog is the Pomeranian. My favorite movies of all times are Highlander, Nightmare Before Christmas and Band of Brothers. I love a man in olive drab. I love McDonald's french fries but hate the thought of junk food. My favorite animal is the camel. Dunno why, just cuz.
I'll end here for now but will update as I think of new things to add!

My Kids
  • Elianna
    Elianna 14 years old
  • M'Kayla
    M'Kayla 16 years old
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