Personal Statement

 I am a stepmom to a soon to be 20 year old.

 When Moses was 5 years old his mother passed away from cancer as I was getting married to his father. Because his mother and I knew each other 2 years before, I spent time with her while going through cancer.

Jane and I became very close as we would have me taking care of her and dating her ex boyfriend. Let me explain, Noah and I had been talking, he was going to school to be a preacher and I a teacher.

Moses was 2 years old and his mother not to be found. I started helping Noah with Moses because he had no one else after his mother passed away.  About 6 months into taking care of Moses I fell in love with Noah. We dated for about a year and got married Nov 25 1996.

In Dec of 1996 Jane came home. She had changed her life and wanted to be a mother again. So we let you back in Moses life, why not every child needs there mother and no one is to judge but our father in heaven, as the bible tells us, NO one is perfect other then him his self. How ever, turns out she was a great lady and a wonderful friend. God has a funny way of putting people together I guess. but I was thankful for the time I had with her.

Noah and I have had a wonderful life together, yes we had our litttle difference, but God is our way of life and we will stand before him one day. No Noah and I are not perfect but we live each day to the best and the laws of the bible.

I lost my Noah last year to prostate cancer.


My Kids
  • Boy
    Moses... 24 years old