Personal Statement

I am a single, 24  year old mom who is also in a wheelchair. I live with my daughter who is almost 3(November) and my mom. I attend University of Houston(Downtown) majoring in Sociology and I have completed my minor in Psychology over the summer. I am also on the Disability Advisory board at UHD and an Executive Orientation Leader. Once I graduate(Mayve 2010) I plan to attend University of Houston for my Master's in Social Work. I would also like to become a certified sign lanuage interpreter. On my free time(which of course is limited), I like to, watch TV, watch movies, shop, go out to eat, go to movies, play video games(sometimes), and spend time on Myspace and Cafemom. I'm pretty simple and laidback and always looking for new friends so feel free to message me!!

My Kids
  • Kimora
    Kimora 11 years old