Personal Statement

Top 10 things to know about me..... hmmm...

1. I am married to a wonderful man named Jason, we started dating in February 2008, and were married in October of 2012.

2. We have a beautiful little girl named Elena Grace, who was born on 2/13/12

3. I was born in New Jersey but I moved to Florida when I was 14.

4. I work part time as an assistant manager for a baby rental business.

5. I work part time from home as a freelance writer (ask me how to get started!)

6. I am a plus size woman, and I'm ok with that. I'd like to lose weight, but I never want to be thin.

7. I have PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and was told I would never have children, so Elena is our miracle baby.

8. I love all different kinds of music, except most rap and hip hop. 

9. I love to travel, especially road trips. My husband and I are notorious for just getting in the car and driving until we feel like stopping.

10. We are in need of new friends! So if you think we might get along and live nearby, send me a message!

My Kids
  • Elena Greace
    Elena... 6 years old