Personal Statement

I am a stay at home mom, wife, crafter, discount shopper, nerd, health educator, gardener, animal lover, and wanna be fitness buff! I love to try to keep things natural and simple whenever possible. I am VERY open-minded and often play the "devil's advocate" of situations and try to see the different side of things, even if i dont agree with them. I am a die-hard friend, parent, and wife and am very loyal to those i love!

Recently I started a health living blog that tackles all kinds of parenting and health thing. Crafts, kids crafts, recycling, saving money, health tips, my work out progress, reviews of things i do, gluten-free, vegetarian, and low cal recipes, you name it! I would love more followers! Check it out at:!

I also work from home as a Health Educator and Marketing Director for an international wellness company! I love it and have been doing it for a couple years now! Don't worry, i am not one of those people who insists upon forcing it on other people or spam e-mails people.

Hope to talk to you all and make some new friends soon! :0D


My Kids
  • 6 years old
  • 9 years old