Personal Statement

I'm a blood bought, Holy Ghost filled, child of God. A mother from the old school, with southern values, but will drop ya on a dime when it comes to mine, lol. (pray for me) A fun loving, gut busting with laughter kind of person, who likes the natural beauty of things. I like to walk along the seashores, hear the crashing of the waves upon the rocks; viewing beautiful landscapes; watching the sunrise, then to see it set, thank God.  I like good music, you know the soul stirring hip shaking, easy flowing, melodic kind. Like Carlos Santana; Earth, Wind, Fire; and some sure enough good ole gospel music. I like to play cards 'spades' is my favorite and a bit of dominoes. I like eating good ole down home cooking, while listening to some Al Green; Luther Vandross; Marvin Gaye; Stevie Wonder Patty LaBelle; Dinah Washington; Nancy Wilson; etc.. Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are my favorite holidays, it is when family truly come together. Family Reunions are ok but, they are only once a year or every other year. You can't really get into the soul of the member unless you can have time to bond versus, get acquainted, blood doesn't always stick like glue, lol. I like discussing current events and the matters of the universe, as to what God intends for us in it and political opinions etc. This is an overview of myself, call me, we'll do lunch, ha ha ha.


My Kids
  • Amya
    Amya 16 years old
  • ReRe
    ReRe 25 years old
  • Hadi
    Hadi 28 years old
  • Zoo
    Zoo 30 years old
  • Quita
    Quita 30 years old
  • DeeDee
    DeeDee 47 years old
  • Nate Jr
    Nate Jr 52 years old
More Kids