Personal Statement

My homepage has recently been taken over by GREY'S ANATOMY!!  It is by far my favorite show!  And since I recently joined a CM Grey's group, I joined a contest. And this is what I have done!  Please check everything out, there is a little GREY'S hiding EVERYWHERE!!!

All the music playing has been in an episode of Grey's Anatomy (these are my favs), I've added the cast under my peeps.  I have made all their birthdays the air date of the first show, there is of course the countdown to the season premier this year, and of course the wallpaper and my profile pic. OH and be sure to check out the HUNK on my page!  McSteamy!

And please feel free to comment...love it? hate it? Whatever let me know!!

My Kids
  • Jada
    Jada 10 years old
  • Cole
    Cole 13 years old
  • Girl
    Camille 13 years old