Personal Statement

Figure since I left the sight for quite a while I would edit things a bit and it's been like 2 years as well! So I am in a much better place mentally than I have been in oh so so long. I am in a program that thankfully gives me the chance to go into training. I decided to pursue a certificate in becoming an administrative assistant.  Hopefully when I finish I'll be able to obtain a good job and feel much more independent. I loved being a stay-at-home mom but there was always that feeling that I was living off of my SO - he also never truly saw raising our son as a job and would refer to things as his (like the car and his past bills would get paid but mine were another story, even though I do contribute money thru welfare and food stamps its not much but its something) and that would get under my skin like you wouldn't believe! I am ready to work ubt just felt I needed some training first. I didn't just want to get a job for min wage at like Dunkin Donuts or something, if I had to believe me I would but I had this opportunity and I'm taking it. My son is 2 and a half and I put him in a good daycare a few weeks ago and he seems happy there. I just pray that once I'm finished I can find a job and I really want a career, something stable. I know the unemployement rate in my city right now is thru the roof which is why I'm a bit nervous about finding a job but I researched and they are hiring for the position so I just have to stay positive!

My Kids
  • Sean
    Sean 11 years old
  • Hailey
    Hailey 17 years old