Personal Statement

Ahh my favorite part of every website, introduce yourself, tell us who you are. lol

 Well here goes, My name is Susan, I am 25, I have 3 children as you can see and each one is unique in they're own way. I have also been married for 6 years. I live in a very tiny town that is literally a dot on the map in the middle of upstate NY. I am a mother first and foremost, I find myself the teacher of my children and their best friend as well. My children are 5,4, and 2 about to be 3 in April. I am a writer, an avid reader and a  business owner. Second in my life other then my family is my work. I am a Saveologist, I help people to save money  So I can at least get that out of my system. I love life am looking to improve it in many ways and have lost myself plenty of times along the way. I am who I am. I am honest, caring empathetic and sweet on a good day. On a bad day I am the exact opposite. I have learned many lessons and think that I am finally growing up.

 My goals this year are to make at least 50,000 dollars in risidual income by March or April. I want my children to understand the importance of running and maintaining a business and how important it is for physical and mental growth throughout life. I want to be they're role model when they grow up. I want to be they're hero and give them a life they wouldn't have other wise. I was a line cook for 4 years and worked in the food industry on and off for 10 I worked for a few companies that did not work and finally found one that works for me and one I can work with!!!!

  I am a very random person and what I want to do one day doesn't mean I will want to do it the next. Sometimes I get discouraged easily. My strength is that when I want something. I will move mountains to attain that goal.

 I also own two groups on cafemom New York Group and Mommies of little girls which are currently looking for New Members!! If interested go join

        Any other questions just ask!!!


10 Things I love

1. My Children

2. My husband

3. Swimming

4. Movies

5. Writing


7.Horseback Riding

8. Art

9. Museums

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My Kids
  • Drake
    Drake 9 years old
  • Victoria
    Victoria 11 years old
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 12 years old