Personal Statement

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Me---

My Name is Christina :)

I am almost  26 years old, living in NY with my Husband and 4 year old DS.

My Husband and I are currently waiting the arrival of baby number 2 :) A girl this time yay!!!!

I am and WAHM/SAHM

I sell scentsy (, and Pure Romance (

I am into photography, anything artsy, craftsy.

My new found obession is COUPONING :) I am learning the tricks and the trade and am loving it!

Lastly (idk if its been 10, but Whatever) i love meeting new moms!! Just for a chit chat, or to maybe one day meet up. If you're interested in meeting a new mom, don't be afraid just add me as a friend, and message me :)

My Kids
  • Expecting a Girl
    Raeah I'm Pregnant!
  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 5 years old