Personal Statement

Well I love Life! Meeting new people and learning new things I strive for everyday! I love nature and the world around me! Love kids no matter who is the Mom! :) I do enjoy reading, crafts, and a variety of other things! I dont bite maybe nibble (giggle). I do my best to be happy! So dont be afraid to add me as a friend! I would be honored as such. ;) Other than here, I do go to myspace to keep in touch with friends and some of my 'other' kids! As well as chat in in #WomensSpace. I have been there since 1998. Anything you would like to know about me just ask! :) Have a great day!:)

My Kids
  • Boyd Owen Jordan
    Boyd... 6 years old
  • Rhea Blaze
    Rhea Blaze 9 years old
  • Damien
    Damien 11 years old
  • Lantz
    Lantz 26 years old
  • Jessica
    Jessica 28 years old
  • Travis
    Travis 30 years old
More Kids