Personal Statement

                                        10 things about me - 2008

1.  i HATE living in chicago

2. i miss my family .

3. im  completely bored with life.

4.  im addicted to LoL

5. i need to lose 40 pds!

6. my mother died when i was 8 yrs old & i still miss her dearly

7. i love to play video games (SOCOM rocks)

8  i really believe that my mother died so that i could have my girls.  so my family &   his could have our girls.

9. i love my grandparents as if they are my parents.  gma & ppaw rock!

10. my good friend MaryJane visits me every day @ 420


                                         10 things about me - 2012

1.   i am 37 yr olds.

2.   i am addicted to crochet & can crochet just about anything.  mainly make hats & bunni's.  

3.   i still play video games but not as much as i use to .  need to find a game that will hold my attention longer.   i miss socom2 :(

4.   i am a kidney cancer survivor ( renal cell carcinoma)  3yrs :)

5.   i miss my hometown family & friends back  in Duluth, Minnesota :(

6.   i still chill with MaryJane♥

7.   i had a hysterectomy june2012, one of the best decisions i have ever made.

8.  feeling restless in my life.  i want to make some changes but unsure of how to go about it.  

9.  still hate living in Chicago

10.  i still need to lose 40pds :(  gotta get off my ass!!!  

My Kids
  • 15 years old
  • 20 years old