Personal Statement

I'm a mother of two incredible kids...thanks to their Grandparents! I learned from the BEST! I'm not into any of this "New Parenting" stuff...it worked for my greatgrandparents...my grandparents...my parents...and it's workin' for me :))

My husband and I are nearing the end and the beginning all at once! Our elder is in college and our younger is graduating from High School....tricky and exciting time for both of us...ALL OF US actually!!

I'm also an 86% burn survivor which ads a whole other dimension to our family. The incident brought us all much closer as a family unit and gave my children some life skills that they would have NEVER gained otherwise....I am so grateful for that experience....wouldn't have changed ONE THING!

Anxious to get to know some of you!

My Kids
  • Gock
    Gock 28 years old
  • Dickens
    Dickens 30 years old