Personal Statement

im 31 im in love with a wonderful man, he has gave me the greatest thing in life! our son! im a down to earth person and i dont let anything get to me... most the time. if you would like to know mor about me or my family just ask id be h*xJmx*PTEyODkzNjgwNzEzOTImcHQ9MTI4OTM2ODEwNjI3OCZwPTM5MDEmZD1mbGFzaHRveXMmZz*xJm89MjM5MzAwZjVmZmM*/NDY2YmI3OTUzZTYzNDEwYzQwODUmb2Y9MA==.gif" />" quality="high"
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appy to answer.

My Kids
  • kodi
    kodi 11 years old