Personal Statement

I am a mommy first, a housewife second and then I am a photographer. I work when I can but my health has been on the down side recently. I found out when I was pregnant for my now 9 month old I had a growth on my thyroid. I had it removed when he was a few months old, and it was found to be cancer. I am now awaiting radiation treatment. They say surgery is the main way to fight thyroid cancer and it is likely gone. I like to believe that. My health still sorta sucks, but leaving my kids to go work is something that keeps me sane. 

I have mainly been doing "Valentines" photos the last 2 months. Boudoir and baby shoots. I have been making a lot of the boudoir pics into pin up calendars which seems to be a big hit. I even made one for the man I love for Christmas. He has it hanging up in his workshop :) 

Other than all that, I am a fairly normal crazy over the top woman :)paparazziOh and please comment on my pics!! :)

My Kids