Personal Statement

Remember not to comdemn others, just because they choose to sin differently than you.

I am an awkward soul.  People that know me, think I have my ducks in a row. People that know me well know better.  

I am someone that is not great at advice, but I am fabulous at feeding you a good meal, telling a dirty joke or two, giving hugs, and making you laugh until you forget what was bothering you in the first place.  

I am abundantly blessed by my husband, who is the hand that keeps me steady, and gives me strength. He is so much more than I ever dreamed for. We also have two children that make every day of our lives interesting.

I spend most of my free time volunteering, or helping out at our church. I am always looking for new ways to use my talents to help others.

I am a christian. As such, I do my best to love everyone. Sometimes, I fail miserably. Which is okay, because it means I am human.

For fun, my husband and I enjoy camping, hunting, and hanging out with our local disaster preparedness group.

My Kids
  • Girl
    Evil Genius 5 years old
  • Boy
    Heathen... 9 years old