Personal Statement

Hmmm...Guess I'll take the easy way here until I learn more about this site...

10 Things I love...(1.)Hearing a baby laugh (2.)The smell of grass right after it's mowed. (3.)Hearing my kids say "I love you". (4.)Late Spring time. (5.)My Mom (6.)My boys (7.)The way a baby smells right after a bath. (8.)Gerbera Daisies! (9.)My fur-kid...Boots(10.)Ocean Air. Not neccesarily in that order! LOL

10 things I hate...(Hmmmm...don't know if I can come up with ten). (1.)Mean People (2.)When someone hurts. (3.)Ice Cream with fruit in it. (4.)Anchovies (5.)Being so far away from my kids. (6.) Driving in the snow (7.)Being cold. (8.)Cooked tomatos. Well, I guess that's all I can come up with on the hate list. I thought of a few others but they'd be covered under 'mean people'. hehe.

My Kids