Personal Statement

Hi Everyone! It's me Baps. I have seen so many great groups and I am also a part of many. I wanted a place to talk about them without cluttering up my profile page. I also just want to laugh and have some fun! Many of us Owners and Administrators need a place to advertise for help in our groups. So here you go!

> We will have a top five groups featured here.If you want your group featured, submit a message to me and I or another friend of mine will stop by and visit your group for a while. We want to feature groups that have a little of everything except for the "d" word....drama. We get enough of that in our everyday lives. We will also randomly pick groups to visit and feature here as well. 


>I love a good book! Post in Chicago Platinum's  classified section if you are a distributor or your books are available on-line to buy. Are you a Cafemom author? Be sure to use this as another place to let other moms know about your books.

> Our Help Wanted Section is a bit out of date. More work is needed for this area. I will be seeing how to best handle this section.

> Great Journal Post!  Have you seen a great journal that has gotten overlooked? Link it when you see "The Great Journal Post!" Then everyone will have a chance to read it!

If you have an idea for BapsBillboard please message me.  TTYL! ~Baps