Personal Statement

Im a 31 year old female who liked to party it up, but now I'm taking it easy getting to know my sweet babies. I moved back to Baltimore, MD after a short stay in VA, and am so glad to be home!!! I am a HUGE sports fanatic!! I have been on softball leagues for years, and love just about any sports out there especially football where i refuse to ever miss a game even if my boys aren't doing as well as I would hope; GO RAVENS! ! ! ! I also love to go out on the town and have fun! Dancing, chillin, hanging out w/ my friends, but most importantly sitting at home at night with Brooke, Robbie, Olivia and their the greatest daddy any kid could ask for.  We have finally taken a step forward after spending the last few years getting life back on track. It hasn't been the easiest path but nothing worth achieving ever should be.  I still hold on to the belief that if i work hard now I wont have to in the furture (keep on dreaming). But, I am def. looking for people who want have a blast, cause I am your girl!!! As tuff as i try to act some times I really am more of a girly girl. Even though things didn't work out with myself and Brookes sperm donor who I wish would either man up or sign over his rights. Anyway now I'm married to my best friend, worst enemy (lets be honest, marriage isn't always peaches and cream) and my greatest source of competition.

My Kids
  • Olivia
    Olivia 8 years old
  • Boy
    Robbie 9 years old
  • Girl
    Brooke 10 years old