Personal Statement

I am:


-Married to the sweetest man on earth! Chris my EMT! :)

-A mommy to my beautiful little rugrats! Louisa and Ryleigh

-An animal lover! We have a yellow lab Lucey, a "wiener" dog named Sadie, and long-hair himalyan mix we call Beo! :)

-A baker! I love to cook, bake, decorate, design, plan and plot!! LOL

-A creative mind that works best on my own!

-The proud earner of a Bachelors degree in Health Administration.

-A lover of all things that make a person who they are. I'm not exactly a hippie, but I don't like to see people shushed for being who they are!

- I think my own thoughts, say my own words, mean my own ideas, make up my own mind, and stand up for my own life and choices.

-Not innocent. I have made mistakes in my life- and I have learned from them.

-A listener! Just tell me whats on your mind! Tell me your problems, I love to listen! :)


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