Personal Statement

My don'ts: 

I don't take my daughter on dates with me when it's people I don't know very well. I don't discuss my personal life or dating rituals with her either.

I don't buy her Brats, Barbie’s or other dolls with grown-up bodies to play with. She gets a collector's doll every year from my sister though. I bought her a bookcase that my friend and I put french style doors on to create an affordable "curio" for her to display her collectables. She has a whole shelf for her stuffed animals as well as a wicker chair for the bigger ones to sit on and around it on the floor.

I don't let my daughter go on sleepovers unless it's a group party.

I don't let my daughter walk to school alone. ( we live close too) 

I never let my daughter see me drunk. 

I don't give her an allowance because I don't want her worrying her pretty little head about money matters just yet. I don't even give her ice cream money. I don't let her accept money from anyone.

I don't scare her using stuff like "don't talk to strangers" because that's not how social skills can develop in my opinion anyway and sometimes the “badguy” isn't a stranger at all. I teach her what is ok to say or talk about to "new people" we meet.

My Kids
  • Girl
    15 years old