Personal Statement

The most important thing about me to know is that I am not a mother, I am better, I am an AUNT. I have taken a hands on, very actively involved role in the lives of my two Biological Nieces and nephews (Jason is 13 and Kiki is 8) and my best friends 2 (Audrey is almost 13 and Jack is 5). I help raise them in this crazy world. The saying is it takes a village, and it definitly does in this day and age.  I also help my other friend with her 3 kids (she is a single parent) as well as help my boyfriend with his 3 nieces his family is raising (their mother isnt in the picture). So my hands are definitly full.

I also teach first grade Catholic Sunday School, love my little 6 and 7 year olds to death!

I never have had any desire to be a mother, though recently its beginning to interest me a little, maybe because I have the love of the my life Bob now. But we are only 27 and only been together for a year so not in any hurry at all to have kids if at all. Being an Aunt is the most important thing right now.


Please what ever you do, do not assume that I know nothing because I am not a "Mother" I may as well be if it wasnt for the pregnancy and giving birth thing.  I did all of my littlest nephews middle of the night feedings and changings and rocking back to sleep because I only worked part time when he was born and his father worked at 3am and his mother at 5 and I didnt start work till 9 am. On top of being their for Audreys cancer and loosing a kidney from it and Jasons sever ADHD.