Personal Statement

I love my kids I have 2 daughters.Amanda is 27;and Autumn is 20 and she has a daughter who is 2 years old and she will be 3 on jan.1st

I am unemployed and miserable.people keep telling me to apply here or apply there,no one understands what being blackballed means..or what is like to have walmart tell people that you have issues at home that keep you from doing your job.all I did was call off on Nov.15th 2011 to go to the hospital .well they denied me unemployment saying I Broke A Rule.That I was not aloud to call off before a year was up..Then Kelly from Human Relations calls and she says on my file it says I was fired because of my cell phone and that I ignored customers and that I had 3 written coaching and something about my attendence..I got so ticked off.I have mailed my papers to 3 different lawyers and they all sent my papers back.Can't help me right now.ok I never in the 6 years ever in my life ignored customers.I would take my buffon off and gladly show them where stuff was..In Jan 2011 I asked for a Transfer to the lakewood store but the Corry store would not let me go.then jessie moved and so I just stayed.I asked rhonda for a transfer to the floor but she said she was shuffling her feet to keep me in the deli.In Oct.they gave me and Misty a D-Day.I came back and they made me write a letter on why I wanted to keep my job.then rhonda made me put it on the computer and she took my letter .well misty came in and she got to keep her letter.Misty would stand in front of the fryer and text and we all know the camera is right there.Yet Rhonda and Christine Davis stood in the office yelling at me that I was the one texting..I did my job.I worked hard.I wasn't there to text.and 3 coaching are you fucking kidding me if you had 3 coachings you would have been fired when they gave you the for my attendence I was late 2 times,now at that time I am a single mom with no vehicle so depended on my mom and dad and my brother and they forget,but you can be late 3 times before you get a tardy and it takes 3 tardys to get you in trouble.I had a lady come up to the deli she had been talking to another lady and she said she would go but she needed to take something so she asked misty about a small tray,misty told her she needed notice,I told her I would do it..and the best part of that was she was so happy with they tray she gave me a hug..I loved making trays ..I had one guy come in and he was having a bad day and he stood there talking to me.I listened.our zsm janelle finally told him I needed to get back to the person who ignores customers.I would do freezer freight and cooler freight and supplies away..I had just gotten a 50 cent raise rhonda was kinda nasty acting because she goes do you think you deserve that,yeah I did.working freezer freight I have had a box fall on my head broke my glasses.I had an mri in may 2011 I have 3 inflammed disk in my back.Before I had quit in aug.of 2005 I had pain that would go down my leg.I worked 3 years domestics and furniture.and 3 years deli.and now I am unemployable.going on 4 years with no money is driving me crazy.I am so use to having my check paying my bills.I want to die somedays.I am so in debt.and this is not how I wanted my life to be.Jessie got a trailer but no around here over in brockton and get this No Vehicle..My dad is 78 and he has health problems.his legs hurt.I am at my parents and jessie is at the trailer because it needs work alot.and he has no electric because he had turned it on in his name for melissa when he was staying out there and she didn't pay that bill and he owes there too.sometimes I am so ready to give up on this marriage..ever since I walked into walmart with him my life went to heck..I know he is bipolar and he stresses over everything..and he has told me one to many times that he didn't care about me or what happens to many times he packed his clothes and he was going to leave..well now he is out there and I am here...

My Kids
  • Girl
    Autumn 23 years old
  • Girl
    Amanda 30 years old