Personal Statement

I am a stay at home mom with 2 beautiful, loving little girls.  Anya was born in 2007 and Aria in 2010.  Anya is a quiet, thoughtful little girl.  She is my Aspie, diagnosed with Aspergers just this year.  Aria is an outgoing, spunky little girl who loves life. I am just looking for others to talk to and share experiences.  I like to meet people from all walks of lives, from all backgrounds, all/no religious believes, and all different experiences.  I love to learn from others.

PLEASE - NO SOLICITING.  I am here for genuine friends.  I do not want friend requests sent, just to discover there is an alterior motive. I am not on Cafemom to earn money from my home or buy various products, etc.

(I do not mind, however, requests being sent to join certain groups related to my interests based on groups I have already joined). 

My Kids
  • Aria
    Aria 7 years old
  • Analyse
    Analyse 10 years old