Personal Statement

1. My name is Amanda.

2. I live in what most Marylander's consider the "country". I prefer the "country" over city life. I lived in the city as a child and never want to go back

3. I only have one daughter so far born in January 2007. I would love to have a huge family but will probably settle for just two or three children.

4. I am doing things a little untraditional. My fiance and I decided on having a baby before we planned our wedding. We are happy with our choice even if it is not what everyone finds acceptable.

5. I've always dreamed of being a stay at home mom. It really is the perfect job for me.

6. I'm a Tastefully Simple consultant. I decided to become a consultant because I can't get enough of Tastefully Simple foods.

7. I'm not a photographer...but I love taking pictures of any and everything.

8. I can be shy, moody, and depressive at times and other times I'm bubbly, outgoing, and fun loving.

9. My best friend passed away when we were 20 years old. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about her.

10. I'm a health freak with a sweet tooth.

My Kids
  • Expecting
    I'm Pregnant!
  • Autumn Morgan
    Autumn... 11 years old