Personal Statement


Seems like I've been on Cafemom forever and never really wrote about myself!  I hate this part...that's why I've never done it!

I am a happily (albeit at times, begrudingly) married woman for (ack!) 16 years and dated for 4 years before that.  My dh retired from the Navy over a year and a half ago but I'm having a hard time letting go of that life. I lived it for the entire 20 years he was in and it's tough to get back to civilan life! I miss my fellow military spousal girlfriends! frown miniWe have lived lots of places, but always in California. I am a California native, which are getting harder and harder to find nowadays - born and raised near Berkeley, moved to Alameda, Escondido, Point Mugu (Ventura, Malibu, Thousand Oaks), Lake Tahoe for a short time, back to San Diego (Tierrasanta) and now looks like we've planted our roots here back in the homeland of the San Francisco Bay Area. big smile mini

I have two beautiful kids. My boy is 7, my girl is 3. I stay at home with them - after I blew up in my last job at my boss not knowing I was preggers with my lil' girl (whoops!) I happily stay at home, just wish I had more time to spend WITH the kids rather than cleaning up and chashing after them.  :My son was just promoted to second grade (smart lil' sucker, I'm in trouble, I know) and my daughter is loving preschool.  big smile mini

In a nutshell, I can be a pretty nice person, I'm a good mom, a good friend, I have my good days, my crappy days...I get sad more often as I get older, I think some of my past regrets are coming back to haunt me - guess we all gotta deal with 'em.  I'd like to make more friends, I love the online idea. I hate drama and games...I just wanna be myself and if you like me, great! If you don't, that's okay, too. wink mini

Say hello - I'll wave back!

My Kids
  • Bubbette
    Bubbette 12 years old
  • Bubba
    Bubba 16 years old