Personal Statement

My name is Toni, I am 24 and have a beautiful baby boy Alexander. I am engaged to a wonderful man, who is the best daddy ever. I work part time as a Systems Monitor at a local store. I love it. My son means everything to me.

I enjoy taking pictures, moslty of my son. I come from a small fairly close family. My sister is one of my closest friends. I have 7 neices and 3 nephew, one of whom is in heaven. I love them all to death. I live quite a ways away from them so I dont get to see them as much as I like.

I am fairly new to the area and would love to meet other mommies. I love sharing baby am around my son way to much.

As far as what I dont like..well thats hard because I'm pretty much a person who gets along with everybody. But I dont like people telling me what to do, or family members who only want my son around when hes good to show off, and not when hes fussy or getting into things. I also don't like slackers..well at least not the ones I work with  who leave me to do there job.

When it comes to getting something done I am a bit of a perfectionalist. Which might sound bad but I guess it makes me who I am.

I can be a bit of a goofball..a trait that my son has gained form me. I love to make people laugh, but especially my lil monster.

I have been told my heart is too big because I'm always trying to help someone out, I just like to se people happy. It makes the world look brighter.

I have two doggies a collie (Onyx) and a lap puppy (Rocco) who at this point is driving me nuts.

Well thats pretty much my life...

Feel free to message me, or hit me up on yahoo messanger     tiger_blu_eyez

My Kids
  • Boy
    Liam 5 years old
  • Alexander
    Alexander 10 years old