Personal Statement

The name is Casey Chopp Corty. I was brought into this world on February 7thth. . I’m 5’1, slim and slender 120lbs but at times my insecurities may make me feel other wise. I'm expecting my first child at the end of january my edd is the 27th but i expect it to come earlier then that. I’m a Christian and I do believe in god. I’m very quiet and shy. I’m very very very weird at times. When you do actually get to know me you will see I’m a caring person. I have the biggest heart for people and things. I feel bad if I hurt someone unintentionally and try not to intentionally. I tend to go all out for people and do as much as I can to make them feel better if there down. I put others before myself. Sometimes it good sometimes it’s not. I love animals, especially dogs there my biggest weakness. When I fight with people even though I don’t show it I feel really bad about it. I hold grudges but a simple sorry can cure that. I have great memory, if you ask me to remember something or for me to do something dont expect me to forget. I’m an easy person to amuse. Make me laugh make me smile. It’s very easy. I’m very temperamental and jealous but I choose not to show it. I tend to hide my feelings and fake everyone, including myself. Something I need to not do. Don’t get on my bad side. I tend to show a whole different me when you do. I don’t like being wrong. I don’t trust many people because the people you thought were going to be there for you in the long run don’t usually stay there. I have insecurities but I’m soon to get over them with help. But seriously if you don’t like me fine. If you do that’s great. But love me or hate me you’re still making me famous!

I love...=]
Getting surprises. [Most likely I will be thanking you if you do that]. I love puppies, getting chocolates and flowers for no reason at all. Being told that I’m loved. Being told I’m beautiful not hot. I love when I’m not alone. . I love going to the beach and having fun. The color blue =]. I love being crazy and out there. Texting [Text me]. Laughing. Living life to the fullest. Just having fun.

I dislike very much...=[
High school. It’s the number one source of drama. I don’t like it even though I tend to get pulled into it. But I’m trying to change and stay away from it. I don’t like drinking. I don’t like being around drunk people. I don’t like liars, fake people, back stabbers, girls who have no respect for themselves. Guys who take advantage of those girls. Don’t like seeing hurt animals. I don’t like arguing even though you know I’m good at it. Also when I may start it sometimes. I don’t like guys who think girls are just sex symbols.

My Kids