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Developmental Toys for your baby/child?
by akhlass
July 1, 2007 at 5:27 PM
Hello.  We purchased alot of therapy toys.  We use 80% of our living room for our daughter Ameena.  We set it up with all of the toys.

Here is a quick list of all of the tools that we use for her therapy and development.

Ameena has a swing, Fisherprice flutterby (she sits here to receive her feedings from the feeding tube.)
She watches sesame street, A big big world, teletubbies, mr. rogers, etc,.. (Not all the same the day) just when she is eating and needs to stay quiet to prevent vomiting. and she naps here too.  She goes to crib only at night.
Large playstation with a movable seat - I will try to find a picture of it
another playstation that has music, letter, numbers, colors, and this place where they put balls and it drops down a maze and makes noises, she sits in it and the seat slides up and down to get to the all of the objects.  (this is very good for fine motor skills and memory)
Boppy pillow ring
Large Ball, Medium Ball, small Ball
round donut rings
Little people school with little people
musical keyboard
Wooden Puzzles
large cloth blocks which have inserts in them to push and pull
a tiny chair
1 princess car which she can push alot of button and it makes sounds and noises, it has shapes on the outside to put the shapes through and get them out of the back.  It has the back plastic bar on the back for her to push it.
1 other car that she can sit on with help or stand and push (with help)
We have a couple of small buckets with small cubes, and alot of little plastic toys/animal toys
A small box of wooden blocks
A lot of electronic toys that she can push and it will talk and make songs
Lots of books that pop out and/or have textures for her to feel/touch/play with.
Dr. Suess Book collection
a round musical ball
A mirror with some hand toys attached to it.
This dinasaour/horse toy it sits on the ground and balls can be put in the mouth and they roll down this path to the end.  It plays music.
A very large Korean play mat
A medium size square plastic toy box with shapes on all the sides.  You put either the letters/numbers/shapes/object  on the outside and drops into the box.  You can reach in and get it.
Some stuff animals, 4 different kinds of ducks, big bird, cookie monster, winnie the pooh, etc,.
2 dolls
Elmo hand cell phone.  It sings the elmo song when you open the phone. or open and close the eye balls.  when you push the numbers it speaks.
Elmo/Cookie monster electronic toy.  You push all these different kinds of buttons and it make sounds etc.
Electronic Car / plastic cars that can pushed and they move easily.
paper, crayons ( she only can dab a few dots and then wants eat the crayon)
Flash Cards; three different kinds, one with sesame street numbers, object and letters too. and shapes
bubble blowing machine, dora blows bubbles (a small machine)
a package of small plastic golf balls they are light weight and white and have little holes in them
small plastic napkin rings, the dollar store is wonderful
small plastic containers (mini-ones)
A plastic tea party set with plates, cups, tea pot, saucers, spoons etc,..
Mr. Potato Head

A playdate at our home, June 2007

Her playstation, we removed the seat when she started pulling up to stand

Grandma playing with Ameena, April 2007

December 2006, one of her cars, we have to put her in it.

Tummy Time before she could crawl in March 2006

I spread out her toys in sections and the playstations and cars too.  I have been doing this since she could go onto the play mat.  Before she could crawl, I would move her to section by section to play throughout the day, everyday.  We keep her free as much as possible and not in her crib or a playpen.  All of her therapists use our toys to play with her.
Now that she can crawl, she plays with all her toys herself.  She uses everything.  I think because she has a variety and she was taught to play with all of it, it helped her.  She does get bored with them.  It may seem like alot of toys but they are all very purposeful and very useful.  All of her therapists really like them and say they are good for her. 

Now when either my husband or I sit with her to do stretching or an activity we will put her on the mat and move anything else out of range to gain her attention.

We talk to her alot and play with the activities.  She has a good attitude most of the time.  Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.  I sing songs for her, "itsy bitsy spider", rubber ducky, happy and you know it.

We encourage clapping for everything.  Then, she is doing therapy on her own by moving the arms and hands and fingers.  Ameena claps all the time and we use it to praise her and recognize when she is doing something that we want or learned something new.  (AND of course lots of hugs and kisses too!) 


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