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What activities do your kids do to burn energy?
March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

As part of the CafeMom Influencer Program for Little Tikes, we gave moms the following products and asked them to tell us about their active kids.

Check out the below thread to read what each of our moms had to say about the products. 


  • corrinacs
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    The Activity Garden:
    I typically do not like big bulky items.  I see a hunk of plastic and I'm turned off.  But I was quite surprised by the Activity Garden.  I didn't think Leo would like such a athing (he's a runner, and typically prefers to run around).  But this will actually keep him at bay for a while.  There's a lot of interesting new toys on the garden.  We set ours up the traditional square way, and he just sits in there.  He will bring his toybin nearby and sit in there playing with his other toys too :).  Its so nice keeping him in one spot a few more minutes :).

    Clear Sports Golf:
    This one surprised me.  We have had our fair share of kids plastic golf sets.  None have lasted more than a week before we were picking up borken peices and tossing them in the trash.  My kids are not harsh on thier toys in the least! But, the quality of these golf sets were not the greatest.  But this one has been different (thus far).  I like how the balls are all kept in stick itself!  Talk about easy storage!  And its so easy to get the extra balls out.  My 5yo noticed that and talks about how "ingenious" that was...he's a funny kid.  We are still trying to figure it all out.  I don't know if its lack of aim or what, but he hasn't made a "score" yet.  It seems that the circular disk that's supposed to be the "hole" had edges that are too steep.  You hit it there and it bounces back.  Never really gets inside the hole.  He has fun hitting it arond the house anyway :).

    Baseball Set:
    We admit, we haven't opened this one up yet.  I feel that its more of an outside toy.  We have a lot of breakable items in our we opted to wait for a warmer day. Its supposed to be warm on Wednesday, so we will open it then :).

    Sports Bowling Set:
    Now, this set wowed me.......A LOT!  I have never seen a bowling set that was so high quality before.  And kudos for the balls inside the pins :).  My baby plays with those things as much as my older kid.  Certainly, he doesn't "bowl" with them, but he loves rattles.  This was a hit for BOTH of them :).  Let me get back to the quality portion.  The ball and pins are INDESTRUCTIBLE!  They are made out of fairly hard plastic (reminds me of the old Nalgene bottles that you could run over).  And even the ball, albeit heavy, is pretty dang awesome.  It's loud in the house (make sure you warn your neighbors if you live above them......or hck, near them LOL).  But its a TON of fun :).  We will be sure to take these outside when it gets warm! 

  • _Mrs.H_
    by _Mrs.H_
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    The activity garden has been fun for all my kids.  I like that it can be configured different ways.  I have it open so that all my kids can play at once and not crammed inside.  

     My 8 month old loves standing in the window playing peek-a-boo.  She can dial the phone and climb up and down the slide. There is so much she can do she has a long time before getting bored with it.
    My 4 year old loves playing house and restaurant.  So she is always taking orders out the window and on the phone then serving us food.  
     Even our 8 year old gets in on the action playing along with both of them.

    I was intimidated when I first got it out of the box since there were a lot of pieces and stickers but it really wasn't as bad as it appeared.  All the different colors made it easy for my 4 year old to help hand me the pieces.

  • MDWife12
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

     Activity Garden - This is such a cute toy, I love that it can either be an open play area or a closed play area. My 7 1/2 month old son absolutely LOVES this toy! The entiere time my husband was putting it together he was trying to climb on the pieces and play with everything. This activity garden is his go-to toy, he can open the door, he opens the mail box, he pulls himself up with the help of the telescope and he loves playing with the phone as well. We have found that if he leans over the piece that contains the phone he will completely topple over, but he usually just gets backs up and keeps playing.

    Clear sports bowling - my 5 year old daughter loved playing bowling, she really enjoyed setting up the pins and basically throwing the ball at them - we were impressed that the bowling ball actually had a little bit of weight to it (obviously nothing too heavy) and that it had holes for the fingers!

    Clear sports baseball - my daughter had fun playing with the baseball set as well, she really enjoyed smacking the ball with the bat :). *I would like to add that I LOVED the fact that the balls can be stored INSIDE the baseball!!* She also loved how she can also get her older brother to play the baseball with her as well. It was easy for her to play with and it was easy for her to set up without any help as well.

    Clear sports golf - She loved playing the golf set as well and she liked that she could control how far away the 'hole' was from her. She did enjoy the fact that the balls came out of the golf club itself *again, it is AWESOME when the balls can be stored INSIDE the toy like this*. Overall she really enjoyed golf - she even got a couple holes in one! :)

    Overall, my 5 year old LOVED the clear sports 7 year old and even my 7 1/2 month old loved to play with the clear sports games as well! 


  • Stevensmomma
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    Little Tikes Activity Garden

    My 7 month  old  he seems to really enjoy it so far. He is even trying to put the different shapes in the mailbox. Other things such as telephone and telescope will be good when he is older. Nice toy for growing babies to keep them entertained. He sits in the middle  for awhile checking it out and playing with other toys.He also really loves the phone. I also have a 4-year-old son who seems to like this toy just as much as the baby does. In fact, I originally started out with it all put together and my 4-yr-old kept hogging it and there was no room inside for the baby. So I went ahead and opened it up and now they can both play with it. He loves to drop the balls down the shoot, put the blocks in the mailbox, open and close the shutters, door, and mailbox. He repeatedly crawls over the ramp, through the door, and even the window! He pushes all the buttons on the phone. The phone itself doesn't hang on the receiver well when in the upright position, but that is my only negative about this toy. I play with him by hiding my face behind the door or the shutters and when he opens it, "peek-a-boo!" He laughs and laughs and closes the door/shutters for me to do it again. one. ! It is endless fun for him! We love this toy!!

  • Mrs.Andrews
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    My 17 month old really likes the Activity Garden. Her favorite part of it is the mailbox. I didn't even have the whole put together when she started putting the balls and shapes in it. I also found her water cup and some cereal in there a few times already. It is so funny to watch her play with the telescope. She shoves her whole face in the big end of it and just sits there. She also really likes opening and closing the door and window. I really like that the phone and xylophone features on the garden are really quiet. The kids can play with them without driving me crazy. The only problem with the activity garden is it's size. The slide is too small for my daughter. My 4 year old likes the garden just as much if not more than my 17 month old. She calls it her dog house and plays with the phone constantly. 

    I must say, I LOVE the that the clear sports toys have a place to store the balls inside them. It makes it so much easier to clean up and keep from losing them. And my kids both love getting the balls out and putting them away. 

    I think our favorite sport toy was the bowling set. It is fun and easy for all of us to play with. My 4 year old loves setting the pins up in a triangle and my 17 month old loves to throw the ball at them. We have a long hallway that we set up as our bowling alley and played for quite a while. The ball is so easy for my 4 year old to hold and the pins aren't too hard to knock over so the game stays fun. 

    The golf set is really easy to use, but a little hard to get the ball in the hole. My 4 year old loves hitting the balls off the tee anyway. And it isn't too big or too heavy for either of the kids to use. It's nice to have an opportunity to teach the kids how to properly hold a golf club.

    We haven't been able to use the baseball set as much yet. We hit a few balls in the hallway but there isn't really room to swing the bat without hitting the walls. I like that the balls are so big and easy to handle. And the stand holds up really well. I'm excited to take it outside and really let my daughter play with it.

  • lovinmyboys...
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM


    We were super excited when we received our packages of Little Tykes toys. We were also very surprised with the quality and the sturdiness.


    Activity you can tell, both boys loved this. 14 month old ds loves it and plays with it every day. He enjoys putting the balls in the holes, the telephone, and the spyglass the best. He also enjoys entering and exiting it. One downside is the short telephone cord and where it is positioned which makes it hard for the handset to stay in the receiver. Also, the slide is pretty short and the arch over it makes it difficult to get onto. I really don't think my ds cares about these, though :)


    Sports Golf set...Both boys have had a "ball" with this. DS 14months loves that the balls fall out the bottom and DS 5 yrs loves to hit the balls into the hole. I love that the balls are stored inside the toy making it more difficult to lose them.


    Sports Baseball set...DS 14 mo enjoys helping big brother put the ball back on to the tee after ds 5 hits it off. When our snow is melted, I am sure both will want to play with this outside where they can hit the ball farther. Again, I love the ball storage in the toy.


    Sports Bowling set...Ds 14 mo is in love with this set. His favorite game is to knock the pins over as fast as you can put them up...he doesn't even need the ball :)  Ds 5 is kind of interested in it, but with little brother around knocking the pins over before he can bowl, it is difficult for him to get into it. The quality of the pins is unbeatable. The hardness of the bowling ball is a little much, though. I am afraid something is going to end up broken in my living room :(

    My boys enjoy the play place at the mall, playing at church functions, the open gym at the library, and playing in the snow in the winter. They are excited for spring when we can take our toys outside and get more use out of them.

    Overall, our satisfaction is high. We are really excited that Little Tykes Influencer chose us to give feedback and thank you all so much. We were really impressed with Little Tykes. Our boys got a Little Tykes table and chair set for Christmas this last year, and we sure have never had problems with quality from this company. The toys and furniture are built to last.

  • Harris06
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    We just received everything this afternoon and my girls flipped out!! Haha They were so excited when I pulled them out of the box. We have not made it through all of the toys yet but we have played with three of them. They rally could not have come on a better day considering it has been pouring rain all day. 

    The Activity Garden: Oh. My. Goodness. I could not get this thing built soon enough for my girls. In the mean time I opened the golf set to distract them. More on that later. I was so surprised by this! I did not expect so many different things to do with it! I really like that you can move the walls around and change the shape of the house. First we started out with it in the little house but all three of my girls were trying to play inside it at the same time so that wasn't going to work. Haha I then moved the walls so they could all play and they had a blast! Putting it together took a little time for the simple fact that I had 6 little hands trying to help me but it really wasn't bad at all. I do wish that they would come already stickered up because I am so much of a perfectionist I spend WAY too much time on that "step". Haha Nonetheless, the quality of this house is wonderful and sturdy. I don't worry about my 18 month old climbing all over it and sliding down the super cute little slide. I don't worry about any of my girls climbing on it. It seems that lately companies have been trying to cut costs by using thinner plastic and that just doesn't seem like it should be someplace to cut costs. I understand, too, "going green" but again, when you are talking about the safety of our children, maybe the quality should not be the place to cut.

    The Clear Sports Golf: So cute!! My 2.5 year old had such a good time with this! I love LOVE that the balls are stored in the club!! And the bottom dispenser, oh my goodness. Too fun and too cute! I wasn't too sure about the "hole" at first but really it is not as big of a deal as I thought. It kind of gives them something to work for in both the aim and the strength in the swing. I am not sure if the storage of the club is supposed to be on the tee in the hole but that is how I stored it and it is great!

    The Clear Sports Baseball: Awesome! Again, the balls are stored in the bat....GENIUS!! I love that! It is all sturdy plastic, too, which is great. My 4 year old had a great time with this showing her sisters how to swing a bat. The storage of this, besides the balls inside the bat, is to store the bat upright in the tee so everything is all together and ready for the next time. 

    The Clear Sports Bowling: This we have not even opened yet because the girls were so overwhelmed (in the good way) that I did not want to just open it to open it. I am sure tomorrow they will be asking me to open it no after that I will write up a real review on it. Just by looking at it, I am sure that it is just amazing as the other two Clear Sports and the Activity Garden.

    I know that I mentioned a few times within this post that the plastic is sturdy and good quality. As a mother and as a shopper I love that! I don't mind spending good money on toys but I feel so much better about it if the item is a good quality product. It really shows me that the company cares about their products and cares about their consumers. After the arrival if these items today I really have a newfound respect for the Little Tykes brand.

    (I have a few pictures but will have to attach them at a later time.)

  • Stevensmomma
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    Little Tikes Clear Sports Bowling

    One word really describes this toy, "WOW"!!! I think I have a future pro bowler on my hands. I had a general idea that my four year old would like it but he loves it!

    The great thing about this set is that it's not just a bowling set, the bowling pins can also be turned into "musical toys", counting devices, or you could set them up as "cones" and have your child weave in and out of them with their bike or skip around them to improve their motor skills. This is great because you can use it as a indoor toy or out door toy, our hall way was perfect for it he absolutely loved this toy!!

  • Stevensmomma
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    Clear Sports Golf 

    This one was really cute my four year old loved how it made sounds when he hits the ball and he got real excited about it, this one seems durable too unlike other golf sets we have owned break and bend after a few uses. I love the bright colors and ds 7 months loves to just hold the balls bc of the bright colors. Ds also thought it was really neat how the balls comes out when he needs another one and gets put right in the spot he wants it, he actually just stood their and played with that function for a while LOL. Overall a very cute toy that my son loves !!

  • Godspitgrl
    March 5, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    My kids loved the activity garden. My 10 month old is starting to try to stand by herself, and she is ecstatic to have something to play with and hold onto. It is perfect. My 5 year old even likes playing in it with her so I had to change it so it was not a complete square and I love that I can do that because I can let her in or keep it small. 
    My kids were so excited to have something new, esp with a ball, that they could play in the house so the Little Tikes Clear Sports Bowling set was a great addition to our house.
    My kids like baseball. They have played before but lost the bat and we have not been able to get them a new set. So I was very excited to get this for my kids. Unfortunately it was not made to last. After three hits the top broke off, and after two more hits the whole things shattered. So we are back to looking for another bat.
    My 5year old seems to be a natural. After 25 strokes she got it in the hole, lol. Thats okay it didn't matter because she was having so much fun. I love that the balls are stored in the club, and it will release them onto the tee. Though when you leave the other balls in while hitting they seem to come out. But that can be interesting as well as the kids go chase them. 
     I love the ideas behind the products. And my children loved playing with them. Though I think that some more testing should be done for safety. 

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